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Responses by Swale residents required by 31st August.

Swale Borough Council’s Active Travel Coordinator, presented the Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan at the Area Committees, he promised to create an online survey so that residents could contribute directly into the process. This survey is now live online.

During August, we are asking everyone in the borough to tell us about their short everyday trips, whether that's to the shops, school, work or some other reason. We are asking about everyday trips, because we are developing a ten year plan to improve our roads, streets, cycle tracks, pavements & footpaths, to enable more people to walk, wheel and cycle, so reducing the amount of traffic on our roads.

To have your say, please follow this link to the Everyday Trips Survey

Everything we are told will be treated confidentially and the information provided will not be linked to any personal details.

The more people who take part, the more evidence we can gather to support our bids for funds to make changes to our roads, streets, cycle tracks, pavements & footpaths, that people really need. Please do share this email with your contacts and if you can, please copy & use the contents of this email on social media.

If you need it, the online survey address is:

Paper copies of the survey are available and Adrian is happy to run workshops for groups who would like to contribute. The deadline for responding is 31 August 2022.

We are also launching an interactive map that you can use to tell us about any issues on pavements, footpaths, cycle tracks, streets or roads at specific locations in Swale that would help improve everyday trips.

The map is easy to use:

Visit the map here

Zoom in and click the location on the map

Select the most appropriate box on the right of the screen:

“Cycle Track” for cycling items

“Pavement” for pedestrian things

“Traffic Filter” for traffic issues

Add your issue (and suggested improvement if you like)

Then click “Add my idea”

You can also “Upvote” (like) other people’s ideas

If you have any queries, please contact Adrian Oliver either by email or telephone 01795 417646


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