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Your Council Needs You - Councillor Vacancies

Mark Woodcock, Matthew Cooper and Steve Norman did not put themselves forward for re-election due to work pressures. They are thanked for the contribution that they made to the work of the Parish Council.

Paul Couzens, Barbara Heller, Simon Edgington and Jill Geliot. submitted nominations and are re-elected uncontested as there were no other nominations.

This means that there are three vacancies on the Parish Council and anyone interested in being co-opted to these vacancies should contact the Parish Clerk. Enquiries from people in Dargate and Waterham would be especially welcome as there are no councillors at present on the Parish Council from these areas.

With only four councillors at present on the Parish Council, there could be difficulties in having a quorum (three councillors) attending, resulting in no Parish Council meeting able to be held.

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